Two ads banned for perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the ad repeatedly cut to images of only men, who were both prominent and central to the ad’s message of opportunity and excellence across multiple desirable career paths. ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER,’ Teddi wrote on her Instagram Story, captioning video of her stellar run that showed her and Pete conquering a show-jumping course. She planned to ‘take a breath and relax’ the following day for ‘”Peter’s” sake’ Arizona residents should report “inappropriate lessons that detract from teaching academic standards,” the department said on its website.

That includes topics like social and emotional learning or that could be considered . PHOENIX (AP) – The Arizona Department of Education launched a hotline this week for people to report classroom lessons that use critical race theory or emotional support curriculum, concepts that have been the target of conservative outrage in recent years. ‘The Democratic Caucus has unanimously, formally voted to oppose the baseless resolutions for expulsion and will zealously oppose them should they come up for a vote on the House floor,’ they said in a statement.

Justin Jones (left), a Democrat representing Nashville, and Justin Pearson (right), who represented Memphis, were both expelled from their seats on Thursday – a week after the two 27-year-olds joined Rep. This effort “continues to politicize and disrespect educators and their profession and the relationships that they have with their families,” said Arizona Education Association president Marisol Garcia. The ASA said it was a well-established stereotype that men were more suited to positions of authority in the business world than women, and said that using the term “girl boss” implied that the gender of the person depicted was relevant to their performance in a managerial or entrepreneurial role.

This revives horror stories of child brides, hooked on like Dawn Tyree, who at 13 was married and pregnant with a man 19 years her senior, or Sherry Johnson, who was raped as a child by a deacon who she was coerced into marrying. Signature Bank dropped about 23%, while San Francisco-based First Republic Bank fell 15%. Western Alliance Bancorp tumbled 21% and PacWest Bancorp dropped 38% after those stocks were halted several times due to volatility. Startup-focused lender SVB Financial Group became the largest bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis on Friday, roiling markets and Wyzant homeschool leaving billions of dollars belonging to companies and investors stranded.

Critical race theory – a way of thinking about America´s history through the lens of racism – is not taught in state schools but it’s a hot-button issue for social conservatives who view the concept as an effort to convince white people that they are inherently racist and should feel guilty because of their advantages. Others say simply that there is nothing wrong with a 16-year-old getting married, that children must grow up one day and make tough life decisions, and that many teen marriages lead to years of happiness.

Protestors and Democrats accused of ‘disorderly behavior’ in the Tennessee House of Representatives salute with their fists in the air as video of ‘disruption’ is played during vote to expel the three members A television ad for computer firm PC Specialist which featured only men and a poster ad for People Per Hour stating “You do the girl boss thing” have been banned for perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes. Heavy security was present at the House of Representatives in Tennessee as they prepare to vote on a resolution filed by Republican leadership to expel three Democratic leaders for 2 ‘disorderly behavior’ Conservatives and home school 7th Grade reading teacher others have resisted introducing or raising age limits in some states — sometimes calling age limits ‘arbitrary’ or that they interfered with individuals’ rights and religious liberty.

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